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Kelly Sutton
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Experience what hundreds of successful bussinesses have already!  

1031 KOFM Radio and KOFM Digital Soultions is the BEST way to connect with the community plus build new customers!  Reach over 75,000 people in NW Oklahoma. "Let us help you with ideas on a landscaped marketing plan, generating sales, making your business grow and sustain success for years to come.  If you are a listener to 1031 KOFM and need a question answered or have a concern, please contact us".  







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Many web sites today are simply a commodity... sites with no continuing relationship... sites that evoke no loyalty or passion.


The 103.1 KOFM web site stands apart from the crowd. Our sites are a connection to the consumer - the ultimate listener connection for your business. We promote our sites daily to an offline audience of over 50,000 people and invite them to our sites based on the content they want.


  • 1. We connect you with radio's most active and loyal listeners. Visitors to are active, involved consumers... the perfect target for your message. Radio is all about building loyalty, and that loyalty and trust transfers to our pages as listeners click through them. 90% of the people who visit a radio station site listen to that station and 76% of those people are P1 listeners the most loyal and active listeners, and therefore  you see results and response to your message.
  • 2. We connect you with a targeted customer base. Visitors coming through a particular radio station's site will tend to reflect that station's listener base, both geographically and demographically. We can pick the format(s) that best fit your customer profile. We can pick the area(s) of the country most likely to use your product. We provide you with the ability to minimize waste and maximize your advertising impact.