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Shopping local is shopping smart. 

When you shop local your dollars are recirculated into our local economy over and over again.  Not only do they produce revenue for local businesses owned by your friends and neighbors, they also supply the funds needed to run our local government and infrastructure through our sales taxes.  When you shop local, YOU make a difference.


We know it's tempting to shop online, or take out of town shopping trips. But remember, every additional dollar spent locally during the holidays, STAYS LOCAL. 

It helps our businesses, our schools, our city, and every individual who works locally.


Here's how you can make an impact:

*Consider buying just one less item online this holiday season. Buy it locally…
*Consider one less out of town shopping excursion…
*Consider the impact if each of us did this one little thing…

Imagine the economic impact if each of us took part!!

Please join these participating businesses and make the commitment to Shop Local First.





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